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Training the trainers – nationally accredited teacher/trainer training

‘Learn to teach – teach to learn’ – getting the very best from people




We are a very experienced (since 2004) and an approved centre for

AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group - centre no. 60980




We use AIM for our accredited Award in Education and Training. Click here for details.

Click here for confirmation that AIM is government (Ofqual) approved.


We are accredited to run the following teacher training courses:


1) Level 3 Award in Education & Training (AET) (PTLLS replacement)


2) Level 4 CERTIFICATE  and  3) Level 5 DIPLOMA in Education & Training 



Do you or your manager want to know how effective you are in your teaching/training role? Do you need to know how effective your staff are to achieve and maintain contracts?


Teaching/training observations. £85 (40 to 90 minutes), by video upload or in person. Can be important for quality assurance, CPD (continuing professional development), maintaining and attracting clients, confidence. The report can be aligned with the professional standards for your organisation, such as Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) and The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).


See HERE for an example report. See HERE for the 2019 Ofsted inspection framework.





VIDEO EXAMPLE OF THE TUTOR: Click HERE, which becomes very interactive.



Level 3 Award in Education & Training


a) Award E&T. Hosting the course, on your premises, on dates to suit you, (minimum of four delegates), over 5 days, from £250 per delegate.






b) Award in E&T distance learning programme. £290 per person. (Discount available). Different programmes for candidates new to teaching or for those who are experienced educators already.





We have taught people of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from candidates who have not been in education for many years to graduates and postgraduates – all have been able to succeed if they have wanted to.




We specialise in the teacher training courses that are required by many professions for contractual, legal and / or funding reasons. See the Education and Training Foundation website for clarification:   http://www.et-foundation.co.uk 








Are you sometimes bored with apparently irrelevant training courses?


- Is the training message being lost?

- Are staff/learners not taking on-board vital information? Is this dangerous or costly?

- Is some training not really being very effective?


We can show you how to provide training that is relevant to learners that will:


- engage, interest, challenge and empower people to be motivated to take charge of their own learning.


We can demonstrate the usefulness of ‘andragogic’ (student centred) teaching methods – as opposed to ‘pedagogic’ (teacher centred) strategies in a very supportive learning environment.



Why complete the teacher training qualification?


1) To demonstrate that you (or your staff) can teach effectively to recognised standards;

2) To achieve/maintain ‘centre approval’, so you can provide accredited qualifications. (Note that some people and organisations benefit from the course without completing the awarding organisation's assignments, as it can provide a 'step change' in practice').

3) To work within the guidelines that inspection bodies (such as external verifiers and moderators from awarding bodies) may be looking to see in an organisation’s educational remit;

4) We will also show delegates the wide ranging and well proven benefits of using ‘andragogic’ (learner centred) teaching methods. See here for further details; http://www.infed.org/thinkers/et-knowl.htm  and;


OR type 'andragogy' in to a search engine such as Google;

5) Internal quality assurance reasons. To assure the quality (and effectiveness) of the organisation’s training function;

6) More effective teachers/trainers may stimulate greater demand for work, increasing the revenue of the teacher/organisation;

7) To explore the underpinning educational theory, to understand WHY current teaching strategies work and also why some teaching strategies may not work;

8) To enable educators to facilitate even more effective learning in their learners in the longer term, which may be important for compliance, risk, legal and safety reasons;

9) To motivate employees and maintain good employees by adding meaningful training and career progression opportunities and CPD (continuing professional development).


Personal teaching

observations by video