Award in E&T – HOME STUDY programme (Distance Learning)



You can start the home study/distance learning course immediately if you wish, by paying the tuition fee of £240 (or a £80 deposit with the balance being paid over the following two months at £80 each month).

When you are ready to be assessed teaching, there is also a £50 teaching observation assessment fee, making a total cost of £290.


DISCOUNT: There is a £15 discount if you pay the fully inclusive tuition and teaching observation fee immediately together. I.e. £275 inclusive.


There is a further £85 discount for this Distance learning AET course if clients have already been assessed teaching/training with us within the past two years. Teaching observations will remain ‘valid’ for up to two years.




Click  HERE to make payment now by card/PayPal

You will be able to start the course within 24 hours!




Joining the programme assumes that you have a good level of spoken and written English and have professional skills, experience and / or qualifications. A pre-course assessment will explore this.



If you are fairly new to teaching and/or wish to explore the necessary underpinning educational theory and principles that is required to complete the assignment questions then you can start on ‘activity 1’ (of 5 activities) in the “Distance Learning - Award in E&T - Activities, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5” pack. This will be supplied as an electronic ‘document file’, if you do decide to sign-up for the programme, so that you can word process your answers in the document and submit them for assessment. Feedback is usually by the end of the next working day after submission.


For experienced educators. We can adjust the study method for experienced trainers (the pre-course assessment will be helpful here), by going straight to the assignment work and reviewing some key educational concepts as and when necessary. i.e. candidates can ignore the ‘Home Study Support Pack’ if they wish to and move directly on to assignment one, the first assignment which, along with the other two assignments, is a requirement to achieve the qualification. 



When you are ready to make your own assessed teaching session, you will also need to undertake a ‘micro-teaching' observation of between 40 to 60 minutes in length.


This ‘micro-teaching’ is a session where you teach in a subject chosen by you. During your teaching session you are assessed by the tutor.

You will also 'peer assess' a 20 minute teaching session (supplied on video) to ensure that you have participated in at least one hour of ‘teaching’ activity.


You can Undertake your assessed teaching session, in one of the following ways;


a) A tutor can come and see you teach at your own place of work, where travel (and accommodation) expenses may need to be added to the cost.


b) You can record yourself (on to memory stick or upload to our 'Dropbox' account) for assessment, assuming that the sound and visual quality is acceptable and that you (as the tutor) and the learners are visible on the film. (Learners permission may need to be obtained first). Your paper learning resources will also need to be supplied, (by email).


We have available a digital video camera and tripod for a cost of £40 (return postage and insurance).



ENROLMENT PROCEDURE: If you wish to, you will be able to make a start on the programme soon, when the following three aspects have been covered;


1) Complete and return a Pre-course Assessment form, (to be supplied), by return email (as an attachment), OR post to; Andragogic Education, 11 Church Road, Great Bookham. KT23 3PB.


2) Payment of the course fee;


a) If you need an invoice, prior to starting the programme (to generate a purchase number perhaps), could you let me know who I should make the invoice out to and


b) which address I should use for the invoice. Thank you. We can also send you a 'PayPal' invoice for payment by card.


3) If you do decide to join the programme, I will send you the paper course materials by post (in a very large packet).



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