Career opportunities available in teaching adults


Private sector. There are many positions available for people wishing to teach/ train adults. For example, within commerce and industry, apart from the training manager, many other people will need to ensure that others within the company are kept up to date with; health and safety guidance and legislation, new product developments, skills and techniques. To ensure that these are passed on meaningfully, effective training is essential. These activities can stimulate employee motivation and the future success of the company generally. Many professional and awarding organisations are now requiring staff to obtain formal training qualifications.


The qualifications for teachers in this sector may make obtaining this award a professional requirement or very desirable, especially when seeking training contracts from potential clients.



Public sector. This includes, Colleges of Further Education, Community and Adult Education. 


Jobs in this sector include, Learning Support Assistants, Technical Instructors and Lecturers. Full time lecturers generally work a 37 hour week - 23 hours of which are teaching hours. Pay can start at £21,000 and rise to £36,000 or more. Lecturers are also needed on a part time or 'per session' basis. Hourly rates of pay can range from £15 to £60. Other public sector positions include many supervisory and management positions, where training is a part of the job. Personnel and training departments will also want effective educators.




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