Award in Education & Training – ‘in-house’ 

Click HERE for video examples from day one of the course, which becomes very interactive.


Hosting the course, on your premises, on dates to suit you, (as long as you have at least four delegates).


You may also wish to consider offering the course to other people/organisations at a higher price that we charge you, so you can recoup some of the cost for your own staff perhaps.


The usual costs can be summarised as follows;


INCLUSIVE COSTS – Award in Education & Training ‘In-house’ on your premises on dates to suit you, anywhere in the UK. (Overseas too, plus travel & associated costs).


Fully inclusive costs per delegate (No VAT):


£250 per person for between 13 to 24 candidates;


£275 per person for between 8 to 12 candidates;


£295 per person  for between 4 to 7 candidates. 


Plus the cost of one delegate for the ‘assignment construction’ day. (See below).



Note that the course will take;


Five days for between 4 to 11 candidates;

Six days for between 12 to 19 candidates;

Seven days for between 20 to 24 candidates.


Each delegate will only need to attend for a minimum five days. Additional days can be added if the host wants to ensure that all candidates complete the written aspect of the course work as soon as possible. Generally, three additional days are needed for candidates to complete the assignment work, including the 'assignment construction' day. The cost will simply be the price paid for one delegate, for each additional day booked.


The first three days of the course (9.15 to 4.45 for the first two days and 9.15 to 12.45 approximately on the third day) are used for reviewing the underpinning educational theory as well as two practice teaching sessions in groups.


For up to eight delegates (minimum number of delegates is four), the fourth day will be used for the assessed teaching sessions, where candidates have to teach for between 20 to 25 minutes.


The fifth/final day will be used for any remaining assessed micro-teaching sessions (from day four) and as an 'assignment construction day' so that candidates can make some further inroads in to the assignment work and discuss how they might answer some of the assignment questions with their colleagues (from a similar professional background perhaps). The cost will simply be the price paid for one delegate.



The course includes the following 


1) Personal support for each delegate until they pass the qualification, for up to two years (bearing in mind that the assessment standards may change during this time).


2) An electronic portfolio construction kit including all the necessary forms, e.g. lesson plan etc.


3) Resource packs containing all the information needed to answer the questions in the three assignments;


4) Awarding organisation registration and certification fees;


5) An example of a completed portfolio to see how someone else has been able to successfully respond to the assignment questions.


6) Professional support and advice where appropriate.



Many organisations like to run the course from Wednesday to Friday in the same week, followed by the following Monday, Tuesday, etc. (excluding the weekend) or at least have a gap to allow delegates time to prepare for their formally assessed teaching session. Preparation time for the 20 to 25 minute assessed teaching session varies for each person but can take between three to ten hours.


We are able to fit up to 8 student teaching observation sessions in to one day.


Some organisations run the course when it is suitable for them and their staff, over a longer period of time, such as one or two days a week/month, including weekends where appropriate.  It’s up to you.




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