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Inclusive cost £230. There is a £15 discount if you pay the full tuition and teaching observation fee immediately. I.e. £215 inclusive.


You can start the home study course immediately if you wish, by paying the tuition fee of £180 (or a £60 deposit with the balance being paid over the following two months at £60 each month). When you are ready to be assessed teaching there is also a £50 teaching observation assessment fee.


This assumes that you have a good level of spoken and written English and have professional skills, experience and / or qualifications. A pre-course assessment will explore this.



Click HERE for video examples from the taught course, which becomes very interactive.


Book now - You can pay the £60 deposit to secure your place on the programme immediately (and securely, on-line) by credit or debit card if you wish. Just click on the following web address; (Note: You can send up to £100 as an unregistered user)


Enter the following e-mail address –


(Card payments can also be made over the telephone (0208 144 9828) and by PayPal using the same email address as above.)


You will be contacted within 24 hours with the course materials by e-mail, prior to posting them to you.


For experienced educators. We can adjust the study method for experienced educators (the pre-course assessment will be helpful here); by going straight to the theory assignment work and reviewing some key educational concepts as and when necessary. I.e. candidates can ignore the ‘Home Study Support Pack’ if they wish to and move directly on to the first assignment.



Teaching observation. When you are ready to make your own assessed teaching session, you will also need to undertake a ‘micro-teaching' observation (fee, £50). This ‘micro-teaching’ is a session where you teach in a subject chosen by you. During your teaching session you are assessed by the tutor (as well as peers) and advised on your performance immediately afterwards in a private one to one session, where appropriate.



You can Undertake your assessed teaching session, in one of the following ways;


a) Join our regular scheduled course for a day (see this website for the dates) – you should be able to attend for one day, on the fourth day of the scheduled taught course. Your teaching session must last between 20 and 25 minutes. Please contact us in good time to ensure that we can secure the date that you want;


b) A tutor can come and see you teach at your own place of work, where travel (and accommodation) expenses may need to be added to the cost. You need to teach for between 40 and 60 minutes.


c) You can film yourself (on to DVD) and post the film off to us for assessment, assuming that the sound and visual quality is acceptable and that you (as the tutor) and the learners are visible on the film, (with their permission). Your paper learning resources will also need to be supplied. You need to teach for between 40 and 60 minutes.



Is ‘home study’ / distance learning right for me? You need to consider carefully if studying alone (with dedicated email support) is the correct choice of study for you. For many people there are benefits to studying with other candidates, where issues can be bounced around and other perspectives explored. It can often be quicker to attend a taught course as there is a greater focus to the assignment work perhaps. It often depends upon your own preferred learning style (investigated on the programme).


However, we appreciate that for some people it is not possible or practical to attend a taught programme.



The programme includes the following support mechanisms;

1) Personal support is available to you with email feedback generally being returned within one working day (usually) and often within a few hours of your original message until you have passed the qualification, for up to two years from your enrolment!

2) An electronic portfolio construction kit including all the necessary forms e.g. lesson plans etc.

3) Resource packs containing all the information you need to answer the questions in the two assignments as well as a DVD to review motivation theory;

4) Registration and certification fees;

5) An example of a completed portfolio to see how someone else has been able to successfully respond to the assignments;

6) Professional support and advice where appropriate.


If you do start the home study course, we will examine the following, in chronological order;


1) As an educator new to teaching, you will complete the Home Study Support Pack questions and submit them for assessment. The questions are designed for you to appreciate some fundamental concepts used to inform effective learning in your learners as well as to complete the formal assignment work for the PTLLS portfolio assignment construction kit, supplied as an electronic portfolio;

2) Complete the PTLLS assignment questions;

3) Undertake your own assessed ‘micro-teaching’ teaching session when you feel that you have absorbed the key underpinning educational theories.


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