Costs and payment details



1) Level 3 Award in Education & Training (E&T)



Cost for the following methods of study for the qualification;




a) Award in E&T Regular scheduled five day courses. The cost of the course is £379.99 plus VAT making a total to pay of £455.99. £50 deposit to secure your place on the course. 


See Award in E&T course dates or CLICK HERE



b) Award in E&T Distance learning/Home study programme, tailored to suit your needs. Different programmes for candidates new to teaching or for those who are experienced educators already.


Inclusive costs are; £180 with flexible payments of £60 over three months also available, plus, when you are ready, the ‘micro-teaching' observation fee of £50.


There is a £15 discount if you pay the full tuition and teaching observation fee immediately. I.e. £215 inclusive.




c) Award in E&T – ‘in-house’ (on your premises on dates to suit you)


Hosting the course, on your premises, on dates to suit you, (as long as you have at least four delegates).


You may also wish to consider offering the course to other people/organisations at a higher price that we charge you, so you can recoup some of the cost for your own staff perhaps.


INCLUSIVE COSTS - (Overseas too, plus travel and associated costs).


Cost per delegate:


£195 for between 13 to 24 candidates;


£225 for between 7 to 12 candidates;


£250 for between 4 to 6 candidates.



Note that the course will take;


Four days for between 4 to 8 candidates;

Five days for between 9 to 16 candidates;

Six days for between 17 to 24 candidates.


Also note that each candidate only needs to attend for four days, i.e. the first three days plus one day for the teaching observation days, where each session will last 20 to 25 minutes.


The first three days of the course are used for reviewing the underpinning educational theory as well as two practice teaching sessions in groups.


The fourth day will be used for the micro-teaching sessions, where each person will teach to their colleagues for between 20 and 25 minutes. Up to eight people can undertake this in one day. Additional days will be needed if there are over eight delegates.


We do recommend adding an additional day to the programme (at the end of the course) so that candidates can make some further inroads in to the assignment work and discuss how they might answer some of their assignment answers with their colleagues (from a similar professional background perhaps). The cost will simply be the price paid for one delegate.




2) Certificate in Education & Training – 8 day taught course (usually)


a) ‘In-house’ on your premises on dates to suit you, anywhere in the UK:


£875 per person for between 4 to 6 candidates;

£775 per person for between 7 to 12 candidates;

£650 per person for between 13 to 24 candidates.


Discounts can be negotiated for long term contracts, with more candidates.


b) Certificate in Education & Training by distance learning.


Price: £550 per person, if the course fee is paid before starting the programme, which is a £35 discount on the fee if paying monthly. The course fee can be paid monthly, with a deposit of £185 and five monthly payments of £80, making a total of £585. Please contact us for details).




3) Diploma in Education & Training


‘In-house’ (only) anywhere in the UK. £1,650 per person.


Discounts can be negotiated for long term contracts, with more candidates.


The programme is usually run over a period of 15 days, with each day approximately one month apart, (excluding the eight, one hour, teaching observations required for each candidate).


Fees can be paid monthly and will usually be spread over two financial years.




Cash, cheques & BACS, credit/debit/business card over the telephone (0208 144 98 28).


Online payment – see below;


You can pay a deposit immediately (and securely, on-line) by credit or debit card if you wish. We will usually respond within the day. Just go to the following web address;   (You can send up to £100 as an unregistered user):


Send money to; (enter the following e-mail address)


Visit the home-page to find out more if you wish – it is similar to PayPal.


PayPal - You can also send money to us using PayPal. Send to:





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