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The level 5 Diploma is usually a fifteen day course (spread approximately one month apart) and is suitable for those aiming to achieve the full Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status ‘Full Teacher Role’. It is mainly for learners working to a full teacher role and are; developing their own curriculum, working with larger cohorts and working with candidates across a range of subjects, professions and work based skills.


About the qualification


This qualification has a total minimum credit value of 120 QCF credits. The qualification is in two parts. Upon completion of the diploma, successful candidates will be awarded a level 5 qualification and will be able to apply for ‘QTLS status’ – i.e. to become a fully qualified teacher.




£1,650 per person. Discounts can be negotiated for long term contracts with organisations, with more candidates. Fees can be paid monthly and can usually be spread over two financial years.


Who should take this qualification?


The qualification is suitable for those who:



1) are deemed to be in a ‘Full Teacher’ role, i.e. have a wide range of teaching & assessing duties or


2) would like or require a full level 5 qualification allowing them to teach in the lifelong learning sector (e.g. college of further education, private training provider, work-based learning, public sector organisation, third sector or similar) or


3) are seeking career progression within their area of work and


4) have access to a minimum 100 teaching practice hours


5) teach on a one-to-one and/or group basis for a variety of learners, across a minimum of two levels, e.g. levels one and two. The following website may clarify the (old) NQF levels, which are still used. Click HERE for details.


Course structure


The qualification is structured as a core and options model, supporting the development and acquisition of the skills, knowledge and practice required of the full teacher role. The guided learning hours are said to be between 360 and 518, which includes 100 hours of teaching practice, observed over a minimum of eight occasions, of at least one hour duration.


Candidates must be able to teach for at least 100 hours during the programme – each session will need to be documented and at least eight of your sessions observed. The teaching observations will be assessed according to Ofsted guidelines. Click HERE for further details.



How it works


The implementation of the programme is always flexible, to meet organisational needs. It will be conducted in an organisation’s own premises. The course would contain a mixture of supported learning patterns, including;


1) Class room based learning


2) Blended learning’ – supported by ‘on-call’ e-mail assistance


3) One to one tutorials at the organisation’s premises


4) Teaching practice observations – 8 of one hour (undertaken by video recording) each, plus 1 from a colleague/mentor


5) Personal mentors from within the organisation – where appropriate



Time scales


Usually the programme is run over a period of 15 full days, with each day approximately one month apart, (excluding the eight teaching observations required for each candidate which will be generally undertaken by video recordings which can be uploaded to our dedicated server, by invitation, when the candidate is ready to submit. Confirmation of identity will be required). Each candidate will need to be observed teaching on at least eight separate occasions spread throughout the programme. Each teaching session will last at least one hour. It is also recommended that where appropriate a colleague will also observe the Diploma candidate on at least one occasion.



On completion of Diploma a learner will be able to:


Demonstrate 'good' teaching, learning and assessment in education and training.


Communicate theories, principles and models of education and training.


Develop a wider professional practice in education and training.


If required, apply to achieve QTLS status as a registered teacher and be able to teach in a wide range of locations, including schools. Click HERE for further details.


The Diploma is a minimum 120 QCF credit programme consisting of four mandatory units and a combination of optional units.


Mandatory units:


'Teaching, learning and assessing in education and training' (20 credits) Level 4


'Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training' (20 credits) Level 5


'Theories, principles and models in education and training' (20 credits) Level 5


'Wider professional practice and development in education and training' (15 credits) Level 5


Optional Units: A wide range are available (not including the Learning and Development units. Please contact us for details).


There will be a number of theories and strategies which you will have studied throughout the Diploma programme which you will implement during your practice, and you will be required to reflect on your practice every step of the way. You will demonstrate your ability to plan and deliver lessons, and assess your students, and you will be asked to consider a range of initiatives whilst you do this.


The theory which you learn in the Diploma programme will focus your practice in areas such as Equal Opportunities, Inclusive Learning and planning for assessment, as well as the teaching cycle, and you will very early on in the Diploma programme identify what your key roles and responsibilities will be in practice.



Support: Each person is allocated their own tutor, who will guide their assessments, and provide continuous, tailored support and feedback.


Entry requirements


Candidates must be 19+.


Candidates wishing to undertake the programme must be experienced or qualified in the subject area they wish to teach at the appropriate level.


Candidates must have access to 100 hours of teaching/training practice.


Additionally, due to the nature of both the theory and practical assessments which students need to achieve for the Diploma are such that candidates will need good written and spoken English, i.e. the ability to read and interpret written tasks, and to write in an academic style.


Candidates will also need to organise their work and supporting materials clearly and coherently.


All candidates should demonstrate: Literacy and Numeracy level 2.



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