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Improve your OFSTED inspection grades for teaching and learning - one day course

(From £95 per person)


This course is about the teaching, learning and assessment aspects of OFSTED inspections. The programme is designed to be used in conjunction with the following:


1) "OFSTED Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills" Click HERE for details.


2) "Professional standards for teachers and trainers in education and training" Click HERE for details.


3) "Teaching, learning and assessment in further education and skills - what works and why" Click HERE for details.






We run the programme over one full day (9.00 to 5.15) on your premises anywhere in mainland UK, on a date to suit you. Can include weekends.


Priced in one of two ways:


a) Inclusive cost £95 per person, minimum four delegates. Plus travel costs at 40 pence per mile from KT23 3PB and accommodation cost of £65.00. (Accommodation cost not needed if in central London or Kent).


b) OR an inclusive flat fee of £550 for up to fifteen delegates anywhere in the UK (mainland).




COURSE AIM: By the end of the day you will develop an understanding/appreciation of the many aspects in planning a good learning experience for a variety of learners to ideally achieve good OFSTED grades in your own environment.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the day you will/should have undertaken:

1.        Review and discuss reasons for attending and your own teaching context

2.         Review and discuss the OFSTED grading characteristics

3.         Review and discuss a case study on entry procedures (APEL)

4.         List the recall rates/effectiveness of different methods of teaching

5.         List some teaching methods to match all the different learning styles

6.         Complete a quiz on correct aims & objectives

7.         Practical peer teaching – prepare and deliver a fifteen minute teaching


8.         Practical peer assessment using criteria that inform OFSTED requirements

9.         Action planning – list pointers for your future practice

10.       If time – Exercise – Assessing a teaching session using the OFSTED list


Course content - please contact us for full details and our course handbook:


Why undertake the one day course?


1) To demonstrate that you (or your staff) can teach effectively to the recognised OFSTED requirements that could mean a move to a higher OFSTED grade for the teaching aspects of your provision;


2) Higher OFSTED grades and reports can be used to promote your organisation to attract more learners/clients. See their website: Click HERE for details.


3) To work within the guidelines that inspection bodies (such as external verifiers and moderators from awarding bodies) may be looking to see in an organisation’s educational remit;


4) We will also show delegates the wide ranging and well proven benefits of using ‘andragogic’ (learner centred) teaching methods for; learner empowerment in the long-term, inclusivity and diversity reasons – key OFSTED indicators.

Click HERE for details;  OR type 'andragogy' in to a search engine such as Google;


5) Internal quality assurance reasons. To assure the quality (and effectiveness) of the organisation’s training function;


6) More effective teachers/trainers may stimulate greater demand for work, increasing the revenue of the teacher/organisation;


7) To explore the underpinning educational theory, to understand WHY current teaching strategies work and also why some teaching strategies may not work;


8) To enable educators to facilitate even more effective learning in their learners in the longer term, which may be important for; financial (funding), compliance, risk, legal, health and safety reasons;


9) To motivate employees and maintain good employees by adding meaningful training and career progression opportunities and CPD (continuing professional development).


10) To provide a taster/spring board to achieving a formal accredited and recognised teacher training qualification, the Award/Certificate/Diploma in Education and Training.


Our previous clients include large and small public and private organisations and QUANGOS, details on request.



Reference from the teacher training course: “The study programme offered by Andragogic Education helps those without formal teacher training skills both achieved the nationally-recognised qualification for teaching delivery to adult learners, and promotes the use of a participative, inclusive and forward-thinking approach for this specialised learner group. The skills and knowledge gained during the programme, and the feedback gained through practical application of skills, allows the teacher-trainer to design, deliver and evaluate sessions which truly meet the needs and aims of the learner.”


Andrew B - 2014



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